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Country Code: +47
International Call Prefix: 00

Since 1992, land-line and mobile telephone numbers in Norway consist of eight digits, without any area codes. The numbers are apportioned in chunks, which vary in size between a thousand and over a million, among counties and telephone companies.

Geographic numbers
2x xx xx xx geographic numbers, mainly Oslo
3x xx xx xx geographic numbers in south-central counties, except Oppland
5x xx xx xx geographic numbers in south-western counties, including Bergen
6x xx xx xx geographic numbers in south-eastern counties and Oppland
7x xx xx xx geographic numbers in the north, including Trondheim
Non-geographic numbers
8xx xx xxx non-geographical numbers (toll-free, voicemail, television shows, etc.)
Mobile numbers
4xx xx xxx mobile numbers
9xx xx xxx mobile numbers
Special numbers
01 reserved for future changes
02xxx to 09xxx 5-digit non-geographical numbers
100-189 standardised special numbers (e.g. 112 for emergency)
19x operator-specific special numbers
Plan - A more plan is available from the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.
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